Web Site Promotion – The Two Most Pathetic Ways To Advertise Your Online Business!

For those of you who are running Home Businesses on the Internet you are well aware that in order to make a living from your online business you must obtain a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website.

When you first start up, it is normal to have a very limited advertising budget. So the logical choice for promoting your business is through free advertising. However keep in mind that because it’s free, doesn’t mean it’s good!

In my book, the first form of advertising to stay away from is FFA advertising (Free for All). FFA websites are just a huge link farms full of crap and unrelevant content. When you submit your e-mail address they add it to their SPAM mailing lists and pretty soon you’re getting a load of junk email, but no targeted traffic.

FFA website are already being banned by the search engine so the ads are never seen by anyone. Even worse, Google may penalize your ranking if your site stick to much with them. So don’t waste your time on FFA!

The second form of advertising to avoid that comes to my mind is submitting your website to a Gazillion of search engines… Forget about it. It is well know amongst search engine optimization professionals that there are less than 10 working search engines and directories.

This is just another tactic for email harvesting bots. Keep in mind that Yahoo!, MSN and Google are the only search engines that matter right now.

There are many other ways to advertise your business on the Internet that produce pathetic results, but these are the two biggest downers that come to my mind.

To your Success!

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